HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

Heat Transfer Vinyl on Tees

Heat transfer vinyl is a specialty vinyl material that is used to decorate or personalize T-shirts, garments and other fabric items. HTV contains a heat-activated adhesive backing, which allows the vinyl to permanently transfer to your garment when heat pressed with sufficient time, temperature, and pressure. 

By using a vinyl cutter, you can cut digital designs into the vinyl and then transfer those designs onto your T-shirt or garment using a heat press. The result is impressive, high-quality custom garments with exceptional durability as well as look and feel.

One of the great things about heat press vinyl is that there are so many different varieties of colors and finishes - glossy, matte, flock, stretchy, glow-in-the-dark, glitter HTV - you name it! No matter what project you've got, there is an HTV that's perfect for it. 

Heat transfer vinyl (or HTV for short) is a useful tool that allows to add personalized touches to garments and accessories, which explains why many businesses choose to have their company logo printed with HTV. We also print T-shirts for special events with HTV.

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